Close beta in May

Dinos Type

House Type

Time travel, manage your dinosaur farm.

Welcome to the prehistoric dinosaur farm. A place that challenges your intellect, diligence, and strength. Here, you can freely raise obedient dinosaurs to produce gems that bring you an attractive income. Especially with the diverse cave system of different levels, you will have a fantastic experience when upgrading them. Be careful with the prehistoric diseases, though.


Game reward 40%

Dex listing 16.065%

Fairlaunch 35%

Team 3.935%

Airdrop (5%)

Manage your dinosaur farm and show off your management skills in the wild prehistoric world.

What's the news in "Prehistoric Adventure"?

Dinosaur Farm is an innovative farming game that transports you into a prehistoric world. Choose from adorable dinosaurs, explore hazardous landscapes, and engage in the management of a vast and majestic farm. Team up with others, conquer enigmatic caves. Experience a self-sufficient economy in a game designed to endure through the test of time.

You can only use the faucet once in the close beta version.